Modara Technologies is interested in evaluating business projects with potencial. If you consider your business model meets our investment criteria and you would like to send us your Project, let us know on this website. We respond to all the presentations received through this source.

To understand your business, we value the quality over the quantity. The definition should be short, summarized in a document with no more than 3 pages or a presentation including 15-20 slides covering the following points:

  • Brief description of your business and its distinctive feature
  • Description of the transaction
  • Description of products and services
  • Business Model
  • Clients
  • Expertise
  • Financial Reports (Income Statement, Balance sheet, Cash flow)
  • Management Team and shareholders
  • Financial Investment Needs

A detailed description can be downloaded here. Business Model in English, Spanish or French can be accepted.
Use the following form to send your information:

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