Kids & Us Alcobendas y San Sebastián de los Reyes

Sector: Education
Investment year: 2011 with expansion in 2012
Status: Active
Country: Spain
% participation: Baseline Co-investor.
Type of transaction: Start up.

Description: Kids & Us School of English is a franchise language school directed mainly at very young children ( from one year on). Lessons are given at Kids & Us schools as well as at Nursery schools.

In view of the experience and proved success with this education method, Modara Technologies supported the creation, together with two other shareholders of Kids&Us Alcobendas, SL, with the opening of the first school in Alcobendas in September, 2011. Having fulfilled the business plan projections in the first year and given the high satisfaction from the clients, they decided to open a second school in San Sebastián de los Reyes in September, 2012.