Sector: Internet
Investment year: 2015
Status: Active
Country: Colombia
% participation: Minority investor
Type of transaction: early growth stage.

Description: Comparamejor is an innovative multi-channel sales platform providing consumers easy, fast and affordable access to financial products in Latin America. With an initial focus on Colombia, a planned launch in Mexico during Q1 2015 and an overall regional view, Comparamejor is the local market leader in one of the fastest growing spaces in the online market industry in Latam.

Looking at the future, the company bets on making its product solutions available to consumers through multiple channels adapting to local consumer habits empowered by the use of its core technology and scaling both product availability (insurance >lending > telecom > others) and new markets in Latam (Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, others…).



Sector: Internet
Investmet year: 2016
Status: Activa
Country: Spain
% participatcion: Minority investor.
Type of transaction: Grow stage.

Description: The easiest way to find and book your mid to long-term housing. Easiest way to spot your mid to long-term housing: take video tours of properties, neighborhoods, and more to find rooms, apartments, and houses for rent.