Alta Motors

Sector: Automotive – Electric motorcycles
Investment year: 2014
Status: Active
Country: USA
% participation: Minority investor
Type of transaction: Start up

Description: San Francisco startup Alta Motors is involved in the development of all-electric racing motorcycles. The bikes are designed to perform as well or better than their 250cc, gasoline-powered equivalents. They can be charged in public charging stations or at home, using a charger that is included in the price of the bike and which plugs into a standard 120-volt wall socket.
Alta Motors, operated by Faster Faster Inc., plans to debut its production model EV bikes on Oct. 16 at the 2014 American International Motorcycle Expo (AIMExpo). The company expects to sell its RedShift MX race bikes for $14,995 and street-legal RedShift SM model bikes for $15,495.The first RedShift bikes will be sold by BMW Motorcycles of San Francisco and other motorcycle dealerships.